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Life Insurance

Do you support your loved ones financially? Lots of people die from accidents, illnesses, and other disasters every day prematurely. If you happen to be the breadwinner, and you were to pass on, it could have a devastating effect on your loved ones. To ensure your loved ones are secure from future financial devastation, buying a life insurance policy is the way to go.

In Illinois, the finance department must allow any life insurance policy before a company can issue it to the clients. Illinois insurance law provides for standard provisions that must be included in every policy. However, insurance companies use technical language which overly confuses customers. This may hinder clients from buying policies that best suit their needs.

The following are types of life insurance available:

Term Life Insurance - this protects for a specified period of up to a specified age. The following are types of term insurance policies:

Whole Life Insurance - provides coverage for your entire life. To keep the premium constant, the younger ages exceed the actual cost of protection. This extra cost builds a reserve that helps compensate for the policy in your older age, as the cost of protection grows above the premium. There are two basic categories of permanent insurance:

At Hall Insurance Services, we have a team of enthusiastic and dedicated professionals to provide our clients with relevant expertise to acquire an excellent life insurance policy. We provide Illinois residents with a wide range of competitive and tailored life insurance policies to suit unique challenges. For more information, call or visit our offices in Illinois.

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