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Motorcycle Insurance

Did you know that it is a mandatory requirement to have motorcycle insurance in Illinois? And that riding an uninsured motorcycle can land you fines and penalties that include license suspension? Beyond this, getting involved in an accident with an uninsured bike means that you have to incur medical and repair charges.

Moreover, In Illinois, all motorcycle riders must possess minimum liability coverage. Liability coverage caters to the cost of damage that a motorcycle rider inflicts to a third party's property. Illinois' minimum requirement level of coverage encompasses the following:

Fortunately, at Hall Insurance Services, we offer motorcycle insurance that meets Illinois law requirements.

It's recommended you get the below insurance coverage for your bike.

Other optional motorcycle insurance you can consider are:

Whether you are riding your bike in the streets or on the open road, you need dependable motorcycle insurance. If you are a resident of Illinois, contact us at Hall Insurance Services today for a quote. We can help you with liability, collision, and comprehensive insurance options, customizable to fit your unique needs.

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